How can college graduates get an advantage in employment?

Nowadays, the competition in the job market is very fierce, and many people, even if they go to university, may not be able to find a good job after coming out, or even face the problem of not being able to find a job.
So many people choose to constantly improve their education and learn new knowledge in order to find a satisfactory job in the future.
Many students in school, always look forward to their future can be great, but the reality gave them a slap in the face, although the education gives them a step up, but does not mean that some can be smooth.
So in addition to education also need to have the appropriate skills and real knowledge, in order not to be easily eliminated. As long as college students just do the following things will not be easily eliminated.

A. Solid professional knowledge

During the university period is the time to lay the foundation, to learn professional knowledge, as long as they are useful, need to learn, even if you can not master but also can not know nothing. Professional courses are to be solid foundation, so that after graduation to find a professional job, their own hands are faster.
Second, more participation in social practice
Society is different from school, school is an ivory tower, in which people simply do not know the cruelty of the outside, only experienced to know how merciless reality is. So early exercise their ability to adapt to society, after graduation will not have too much of a gap, but also to better survive in society.

Third, the examination certificate

The certificate will never go out of fashion, there is a professional certificate than no certificate of people looking for a job more confident and more likely to succeed. And more valuable certificate, the state will have the corresponding subsidy policy, simply need to worry about their own test is a waste certificate.
Fourth, decide a good life goal
Life needs to have a goal, only the goal is clear, and then the road to know how to go. So before going out in society to do their own life planning. May be many people talk, their own planning and later happened completely different, people need to know the variation, planning is not to let you must do so later, but want to let you know what their goals are. If there is a change in the future is possible, after all, people are living, always because of some things will not block the road all.
Conclusion: In the face of fierce competition, many people will always have a moment of confusion, do not know how they should do is the best, but also do not know where their road. So before you go into society to prepare, even if you encounter difficulties, there is a goal as a bright light in the guide, so that you do not enter it after losing yourself.

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